Monday, January 12, 2004

Well tonight was a night for me that every mother hates, yes thats right the E.R. trip. Its bad enough to see your child giving you those sad, hurt eyes and that pittiful cry of pain, but to sit in an E.R. for 4 hours is the topper of all. My daughter using her stragetic skills of a 6th grader during a basketball game tonight, decided to stop her feet while running and not her whole body. Everyone knows that the feet must follow in order to have a natural flow of body movements, if not something is going to give. In her case, it was the ankle. The good news is that its not broken, the bad news is crutches and milking it for a good week or so. A kid with crutches, rules the world for a while. That is until they tend to tire of them, and all of a sudden are miraculously healed. In our case, being on the 2nd floor of a condo building, I give the crutches thing 3 days. I will give her credit, it was a nasty looking ankle. I wouldn't want a nurse twisting mine the way did hers to get a good x-ray. I have one beef about Emergency Rooms, what the hell are they doing working there??? I saw ONE doctor running around or should I say, moping around from room to room. I saw at least 6 Nurses as they high fived each other on smoke breaks passing through the doors, and a few guys who I will call " game score givers" watching a monitor which I swear had the football game on them. Meanwhile we sat waiting and waiting.
Sometimes I think they make you wait on purpose. Maybe they figure you will re-think your pain and just get up and leave or something???? And I like the way they tease you when you first arrive. You walk in and boom, are instantly waited on by the young girl doing your paper work. the insurance is checked and you are asked to sign 30 papers stating you will pay. Then its off to the waiting room. I think they need to rename it the fall asleep and watch TV room without the volume because its turned down so low you can't hear it. you get to the point in the waiting room you start to diagnose people just by watching them. Next to us we had the poor influenza baby who couldn't stop coughing and crying. Across from us we had a man who couldn't speak a lick of english and I diagnosed him with a case of food poisioning from a bad borritto from taco Bell. there was another boy with a sprained ankle who was trying to hit on my 11 year old daughter ( i guess because they shared the same problem), and then there was the "know it all guy". I call him this because this poor man sat in the waiting room , for no lie 2 hours with his arm raised up over his head. !!! why?? I kept yelling " do you have a question?" It got kinda funny after a while. He even mentioned to a passing nurse ( on her way to go smoke) , that his arm was tired to which she again said " it won't be long ". I just prayed that he too wasn't only a spanish speaking person and wasn't raising his hand to go to the bathroom or something?? I don't know.
After the waiting room scene, my daughter was put into a wheelchair and rolled into the back hallways to wait in another room. During THAT hour wait she had to use the bathroom. Now mind you , this is a hospital. I COULDN'T GET THE WHEELCHAIR INTO THE BATHROOM!!!. can you believe that??? I mean the door was wide enough, but forget shutting it behind you. I wonder if anyone sued a hospital for not being handicapped accesible?? they should. That was the craziest thing I ever saw. We laughed so loud that a doctor finally got past snail mode to see if everything was ok. I learned that to get attention in the ER, just laugh really loud.
Anyway , after 3 hours I was informed that my daughters x-rays were fine and after being fitted with crutches and an " air cast" she was free to go. I have learned alot from my little experience. treat it like a movie theater, take snack and a drink in your purse, its gonna be a long night !!! and entertaining as well.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Its Christmas eve. I sit here waiting for the little one's Benedryl to kick in so I won't even hear a mouse. ( although with the way I left the kitchen tonight, I wouldn't be surprised). I had to try to drown the kids enthusiasm with boring movies such as " Its a Wonderful Life" ,in which I held their interest by telling them at any minute it might turn to color. Stockings were carefully examined for any traces of last years candy. none was found. However the dog has been throwing up all day, so she may have found some before we did. Ahh yes Christmas eve, the night every parent has to climb into bed at 2 AM and wake at 5:30 AM on Christmas morning. Presents carefully wrapped will be torn to shreds in less then 20 minutes flat. I say forget wrapping paper, If you don't want someone to see the gift, save the money for the paper and insist on them closing their eyes until you hand it to them.
Well , I hope you all have a safe and Merry Christmas.

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