Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Its Christmas eve. I sit here waiting for the little one's Benedryl to kick in so I won't even hear a mouse. ( although with the way I left the kitchen tonight, I wouldn't be surprised). I had to try to drown the kids enthusiasm with boring movies such as " Its a Wonderful Life" ,in which I held their interest by telling them at any minute it might turn to color. Stockings were carefully examined for any traces of last years candy. none was found. However the dog has been throwing up all day, so she may have found some before we did. Ahh yes Christmas eve, the night every parent has to climb into bed at 2 AM and wake at 5:30 AM on Christmas morning. Presents carefully wrapped will be torn to shreds in less then 20 minutes flat. I say forget wrapping paper, If you don't want someone to see the gift, save the money for the paper and insist on them closing their eyes until you hand it to them.
Well , I hope you all have a safe and Merry Christmas.

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